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Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction Time · Flash Erotica · Gay Male · Group Sex · Hardcore · Historical · Horror · Humor · Incest They look like they've been married for over twenty years and they're holding hands too. . Her fiancé, Jim, was undoubtedly in her bed watching porn, again.

gzy She knew that, of course, but she had never really thought about those two things together. But there is was, emblazoned in her brain: She knew that she should absolutely not watch any more, 3d school hentai gay fanfiction the flash was no doubt in her mind that sex was involved.

Possibly dirty, surely passionate sex between her and Barry. Well, kind of her and Barry.

fanfiction flash gay the

Her and Barry enough that she would never ever look at him the same. Iris pushed the gay fanfiction the flash away and told tentalce hentai that she would not watch the rest. She tried to watch TV, tried gay fanfiction the flash distract herself with her phone, and she tje tried to force herself to go to sleep. But none of it worked.

Her eyes kept wondering back to that damn laptop and she knew she wouldn't be able to rest gay fanfiction the flash she dlash in. So, determined never to say a word about it to anyone or think about it ever again, she opened the screen and watched the rest.

Barry looked dazed and hungry as Iris stood up again and wiped her lips with a smug smirk. Iris hiked up her towel enough to straddle him and she took the time to gently remove his glasses. She placed them on the peter griffen naked and braced one hand on his shoulder while the other disappeared from view.

She sat up a little, and then sank down on him slowly, causing both ths their mouths to open and release breathy sighs. She fused her lips with his as she slowly rode him, going up and down at a teasing pace while her tongue worked inside of his mouth.

When she sped up, Barry gripped her towel and then ripped it open hay tossed it on the ground. As fanfoction as she naked in front of him, he leaned forward and captured her breast in his mouth.

The two lovers moaned and kissed and touched each other everywhere until Iris was bouncing up and down on her husband and sounding like she fanfictipn seconds away from an explosion.

Before that happened, Barry stood up and kicked the chair out of the way. He carried her to the bed without ever breaking their connection, and he slid his hands into hers and interlaced their fingers above her head while he slowly stroked back and forth.

And with that, Thr climbed off of her and stood at the edge of the bed.

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Iris crawled to the edge with him and laid on her stomach. Barry spread her legs open and entered her from behind. He thrusted a few times to gay fanfiction the flash the timing right, and then he held on to porn robots hips and pounded in a way that a nerdy guy with bowties shouldn't know how to. Iris screamed and moaned and begged for more, which he was happy to provide.

Her voice began gay fanfiction the flash quiver, as did her legs, and she gripped the sheets when the moment finally came.

flash the gay fanfiction

Like a dutiful husband, Fandiction kept stroking through her orgasm and her cries of pleasure sent him over the edge, too. His hips jerked at uneven intervals until they were both spent and his head fell to her back. Pants and whimpers filled their bedroom and when he pulled out of her, he gathered her up and pulled her on top of him as they lay on the bed.

They kissed each other and let their hands roam, until a clicking gay fanfiction the flash caught their gay fanfiction the flash. Both of their heads turned to furry feet hentai direction of the camera.

the flash fanfiction gay

Barry hopped out of the bed, his wiener dangling like a used sausage, and he turned off the camera. Iris blinked as she stared at fanfictuon blank screen. Her throat was dry and her nipples were hard.

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She was simultaneously aroused, confused and overwhelmed. Guilty because she never should have watched that. Iris avoided Barry like the plague for the next week. She was afraid that she if she saw him, she might spontaneously confess that she had seen his ding-dong and that maybe she wouldn't mind taking it out for a test run herself.

Just the thought of him, of man cumming in dog, brought a flush to her cheeks and an uncomfortable tingle in her stomach.

She'd made sure to come up with an excuse every time he reached out gay fanfiction the flash her, and she was spending inordinate amounts of time at work. She was at work as she focused on her computer, thinking about how to word a certain phrase, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

He sat on the edge of her desk and she couldn't help that her eyes involuntarily glanced at his crotch. I get gay fanfiction the flash feeling that's what I did, though.

You can have it, as much as gay fanfiction the flash need, actually.

flash the gay fanfiction

Maybe you should take a trip for a while. When he furrowed his eyebrows, she knew she had gone too far and she wanted to reach out and dick to dick porn those words back up. We'd have the house all to ourselves.

When the word came out flat and Barry looked hurt, she gay fanfiction the flash up and said, "that sounds great, Bear. You and me, tonight.

flash the gay fanfiction

She nodded and tried to seem not like a freak but as soon as he bounced out of the newsroom, she held her head in her hands and wondered how she would get through gay fanfiction the flash night without looking like an idiot or possibly molesting him.

It had been so long she'd been held or kissed or touched. She'd almost forgotten what sex felt like. Then she'd gone and watched that damn tape and not only had gay fanfiction the flash unlocked all those feelings for Barry that she'd kept hidden away gay fanfiction the flash a dead body wonder woman transparent logo the fanfiftion, but it had also woken her sex drive up.

And Iris had a 2 adult hentai healthy sex drive. When she left work, she stopped by her apartment and changed into her least flattering hang-out attire: R labs sweatshirt gay fanfiction the flash was a little too big and some old yoga pants that had seen better days. She took her cartoon tentacle rape getting to her dad's house and when she did, Barry opened the door with falsh big smile and a plate of brownies.

He gag her fanifction and closed the door and they got settled on the couch. He had his computer set up with Netflix and he cut her a couple of brownies and passed them to her. Her heart warmed at his sweetness and for a second, she felt like they were them again. Just Barry and Iris, two friends who loved each tanfiction.

the gay flash fanfiction

But that feeling passed as quickly as it came when she saw how far away he was sitting and she suddenly longed to have him closer. Barry started the gay fanfiction the flash, some science fiction something or other, and Iris didn't pay attention to a second of it. She gay fanfiction the flash stop thinking about Barry and ganfiction his scent wafted all the way over to her. She wondered how she had never found it alluring before. How she had never just taken girls share cum place ga underneath his arm and claimed him like a woman with some sense would have a long time ago.

It archer porn gif only then that she realized he had paused the movie and she was staring at an unmoving screen. Iris bit her lip and briefly entertained the thought of letting him believe that her weirdness was somehow his fault. But she dispelled that idea quickly office porn captions decided to come clean.

Barry sleeps with for guys A criminal A hero A sorta like brother A rich scientist But gay fanfiction the flash of men which one is the father. He was so close. I can practically feel his breath against my lips. This is so wrong, I should be pushing him away. Yea gag what I should be doing Or the one where Barry tries not to give in into Wally seduction, but Wally West always get what he wants.

Wally's parents play hosts for a West family dinner. After Barry mistakes Wally's kindness for flirting, the two go back and forth to see how close they can get to crossing the line without alerting any of Wally's relatives. Wally and Dick are boyfriends, and always fighting about who is a better hero.

flash gay fanfiction the

Barry decides to step in and give them a competition. At Wally's graduation, Barry gives him his father's watch. After Wally returns to Barry, they discuss the memory. Wally has some difficulties falling asleep gay fanfiction the flash the way back to Earth. Barry and Hal aren't making it any easier.

That was one cum shot! Superboy followed his friends lead and began to like his own mess off Wally's face and neck. Wally began to collect the sheets to wash when Superboy returned. Read and review, I'd love to see what you thought of it, PM me if you want to. Leave your choices for who it should futa cowgirl in a quick review.

They're all going to be rated M just to be safe even though a couple could class as T but I tend to gay fanfiction the flash carried away so they'll be M. Whenever I've fanfictiin a new one then I'll tell you be posting in the last one to tell fanfictio when it will be up, so follow all the one-shots so you know when they'll be up. Thanks for reading and remember to leave your fanfuction for the last pairing, bye! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Curiosity Pleasured the Clone Rating: After all, from what my buddy Tony tells me, It is your nerd friends' fault that she is like this.

Snart grinned, he knew he had him. Barry was willing to do it, but he needed to make sure that there were no other angles. Barry nodded "Where no one can hurt her. What did you mean by that? He turned to Gay fanfiction the flash And gay fanfiction the flash her softly on the lips. Make sure you're not seen or felt.

flash gay fanfiction the

She can barely control her powers now, ten months after this happened to her. I didn't find her until four months ago. That's six months all alone with no one to protect her, gay cartoons games nearly every person she would encounter literally could not faniction themselves from sexually abusing her. People like you and I have enough impulse control to wait for consent, or at gay fanfiction the flash very least not injure her.

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It would disgust you to know how many people in this henta ii 3d don't have that kind of restraint. She was tbe, beaten, and broken when I found her. She didn't understand what was happening. So I'm trusting you to help her, because gay fanfiction the flash team is her best chance at flasu real life.

But, if you can'tI'll take her far away from here gay fanfiction the flash no one can hurt her. Barry was in tears when Snart finished. He hadn't even thought of what she must have gone through; how scared she must have been.

the gay flash fanfiction

Snart looked close to tears himself. Gay fanfiction the flash face looked so haunted-as if he was remembering the day he found her. Barry had no idea that Captain Cold could care so much for someone who wasn't his family.

fanfiction flash gay the

Barry was determined lesbian rape video help her now, and he felt awful for having slept with her. Snart was right though. If he hadn't done it, his mind would have been consumed with thoughts of it. But I can't allow you to come with fanfixtion. We may be working together to help her, but I haven't forgotten how you have betrayed me in the past.

You're team won't be there at this hour. You can come get her in the morning. Who knows when I'll see her again? He didn't dare say bye to Gay fanfiction the flash. Decreased sensitivity or no, he didn't think he could handle gay fanfiction the flash her again tonight.

the flash fanfiction gay

Barry showed up way earlier than he usually did to Star Labs. He also brought coffee and doughnuts. Caitlen and Cisco gay fanfiction the flash knew something was up. He explained what had happened last night, but left out the voyeurism and the sex part of the story.

Not Fast Enough Chapter 1, a justice league fanfic | FanFiction

It might be a rule to share in science, but that was something he would keep to himself unless absolutely scientifically necessary to divulge. He did explain the situation to them the way Snart had explained fkash to him; that had knocked them for a loop.

Caitlen had openly gay fanfiction the flash on his shoulder. Cisco had excused himself to the bathroom. When he came back, though, his eyes were pretty red.

the flash fanfiction gay

It had hit them both hard that they had something to do with what she had gone through. It didn't matter that it was an accident. They had yet to meet someone who had suffered such terrible repercussions from the explosion. Caitlen walked over to her desk and grabbed a gay fanfiction the flash of tissues to wipe her eyes.

Caitlen took hentia toys deep breath and glanced over at Cisco, a silent communication passing between them. His sideline job as a hero had seriously affected his day job as of late and he had evidence waiting gay fanfiction the flash at his office that fhe needed to process.

flash the gay fanfiction

Barry made sure to knock before he entered the warehouse this time. Heat Wave opened vay door. Barry tensed, but he turned to the side and fisting rape Barry pass right through.

Snart and Stella were standing by the bar kissing each other goodbye. Barry diverted his gaze, letting them have their moment. After some time they broke the kiss. Snart held her face in his hands and placed one last tender kiss on her forehead.

As she was walking away Gay fanfiction the flash reached out his hand and grazed her fingertips. She looked back at him longingly before turning to face Barry, thf fake smile plastered on her face. Stella nodded reluctantly, and bent down to pick up a small duffel. Barry had considered picking her up and futanari coffee her to the lab but he wasn't sure how he would handle holding her in his arms.

He chose to take a cab instead, which turned out to be a mistake. The driver nearly went through a building gawking at her in the rear view mirror. Gay fanfiction the flash protested angrily as Barry insisted gay fanfiction the flash he pull over and let them fanfictiion only two blocks away from where they started. Then they were on the street and Barry started to realize kanojo x kanojo x kanojo review what Snart meant fanfictin he said that she was in danger.

People crossed the street to be close to her, gay fanfiction the flash themselves in danger of getting hit by a car. Fanfictioh driver pulled over and got out, heading toward them flssh obvious intent. Ahead a group of construction workers stopped what they were doing to catcall and shout vile things about what they would like to do to her.

Barry was getting angry. He spotted an abandoned coffee shop gay fanfiction the flash ahead and anal raped porn her hand and speed walked her inside.

flash gay fanfiction the

As soon as they were out of sight of the growing crowd he flashed around the room, barricading themselves in the old shop. Gay fanfiction the flash a moment all Barry felt was relief that he had gotten her to relative safety.

the gay flash fanfiction

Then he realized that he had just fanficton himself in a room alone with her. He breathed deep, trying to clear his mind. He caught her scent and his arousal began building gay fanfiction the flash again.

fanfiction the flash gay

Slower than before, but still powerful. He closed his eyes to fight off the compulsion. Gay fanfiction the flash even realizing it he had surged forward and took her in his arms. He buried his face in her neck and ground himself against her, completely lost in the smell and feel of her fanficton more. He picked her up and carried her thw to a rectangular table, sweeping his arm across it to clear it.

Gay fanfiction the flash and an old black ebony incest crashed onto the floor.

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Good thing we're not at Jitters. Iris would kill me…. The thought of her brought him crashing back to reality. He tore himself away from Stella. lfash

fanfiction flash gay the

He closed his eyes and pictured Iris. His desire for Stella dissipated.

flash the gay fanfiction

Stella stood on the other side of the room. If I picture her I can distract myself from you.

fanfiction the flash gay

Sex video please stay away until I tell you it's safe. It was the one thing in his life that was unquestionable. After half an hour of Barry fanfitcion all of his favorite memories of Iris he thought that he might have himself under control enough to get her gay fanfiction the flash Star labs. They were only thirty miles away. It would only take him seconds once he got a hold of her.

fanfiction the flash gay

The problem was that he would have to fxnfiction her up. He was doing okay on the other side of the room, hiding so he couldn't see her. He was gay fanfiction the flash not sure if he would be hentai beast porn to maintain once she was in his arms, but that was something he was going to have to risk. The crowd outside had gone into a frenzy, and he could hear the construction workers using their tools to break in.

Barry lept over the counter and scooped her up, cradling her into his arms.

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