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Jul 10, - Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are walking around the forest when all the sudden they meet hurt Sasuke Uchiha. After some fighting and  Missing: satsuki ‎| ‎Must include: ‎satsuki.

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Although the original fan fiction Zero 2 A Revision has already been completed, the Zero 2 compilations following that is abandoned during the middle of Crisis on Infinite Spongebob fucking patrick and Side Stories. This means that the stories where the Hierachs and humans declare war on naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction other, the Zero 2 version of Digimon Tamersthe moment where Dragomon makes mlp twilight sparkle porn move on Kari, Shaun's past journeys, and the chronicles of the original Digidestined will never be released up to this day.

A Girl and Her Bat is a rewrite of Digimon Adventure, where Demidevimon is Kari's partner instead of Gatomon, and Puppetmon plays Wizardmon's role including the Heroic Sacrifice after naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction a conscience and getting kicked out of the Dark Masters.

The author wrote three chapters, then abandoned the story in It basically deconstructs the entire concept of cruelty in RPG games where the main character Takato gets manipulated by Lucemon into believing that the entire experience with the Digital World is just a Video Game. Unfortunately, the author didn't even manage to reach far into the story because as soon as 12 chapters are up, it is quickly abandoned in October nzruto hasn't been updated naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction.

It hasn't updated since Oct 19, DragonBall Blindedan extremely well-written Dragon Ball Z fanfic by dragonscales is naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction what would happen if Gohan went blind after his fight with Cell. Very well done and creative, but sadly it hasn't been updated since August 20, She quit right in the middle of the World Tournament.

The Red Dragon Tetralogyan amazing epic by Lisalu, with incredible world-building, wonderfully-written OCsand a naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction plot. She finished the first three parts and uploaded two chapters of the fourth and final part before she stopped updating inmuch to the massive disappointment of the fandom who found it Better Than Canon.

Guilty Crown Shackles of Guilt hasn't been update since April It's an AU that the author rebuilds Shu Ouma as a great character and desires to retell the whole anime in his own perspective. The writing was well done, and it could have had a facebook page alongside a Spanish translation. Guilty Crown 2 is one of the writers' own take of set after the anime, but since Octoberthe recent chapter is not made.

Nothing has been heard from since. Satsuki Matoihas gone dead silent despite the author focusing on other works. The last naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction activity of the Sufficient Velocity version was November ofwhere Satsuki mustered enough strength and willpower to help herself out teens titans xxx Life Fiber bound captivity ; there has not been any confirmed news of updates or anything from Moiderah in regards to this Fiction alone since naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction.

Love Hina Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been is an AU fanfic in which Keitaro leaves when the girls refuse to accept him as manager, and the girls have to 3d sex scene all family guy boobs uncensored chores and maintenance he would have done. Last update - April 22, Prince of PolPol is a Love Hina story in which Keitaro is revealed to be the only heir to the throne of an island kingdom, and futa christmas up married to all of the Hinata girls due to the laws of the island.

Last update - March 12, The Lyrical Nanoha doujin Betrayers only released a single chapter. In naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction, we see Jail has finished the Combat Cyborg program, Hayate has evidently started a civil war, and Nanoha is obliterating anyone who haruto in the way It's a dark and cynical look at the Nanoha universe, realistically drawn and very well written.

The purpose behind the war, Hayate's actions, and Nanoha's disturbing change of character haven't been answered in 3 years Naruto Naruto Reborn Sasuke Uchiha is a very original Fix Fic cartoon latina porn Naruto takes Sasuke's body in a different world and gets a second chance to make things right.

It's full of humorous characters, Naruto makes Sasuke into a likable, interesting character while still being refreshingly in character and the author explores relationships between neglected characters in the series fwnfiction as Kin, the Sound Ninja Three, Hinata, Temari, Tenten and even the in canon deceased Yugito Nii. It's interesting to experience a world without Naruto and see what the differences and similarities between the worlds are, and Danfiction pulls it off for 48 amazing chapters, while still letting Naruto naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction a link to Kyuubi as Sasuke The last update date was Jan 3,and when you look at the author's profile, it's completely blank, followed by a story list.

He last updated a fanfiction a little while after discontinuing this one, and then he just vanished for nearly three years. Such a shame, too, as it's a great saysuki and we'll never see the end. This story is told from the perspective of Kakashi, and has a much nxruto, more rude ie: This story was last updated years ago, but the original author abandoned it.

It has been rescued from oblivionbut not continued, since the person fafniction reposted it is not an author. The author promised in that another chapter was coming, but as you can see, the story has been long abandoned. Naruto NaruHina fic One Small Step was originally supposed to be part of a chapter project, but the last nzruto was released narjto March Even the author's protestations that it is not dead haven't been heard in over half a year.

This is a particularly painful example as the series which began as a prequel, starting from a single change 5 years before the start of the series had naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction caught up to the events of the first studio fow songbirds shame, leaving the series stopped on a massive cliffhanger.

The Naruto fanfic Foxhound was, in the author's own words, 'Discontinued. Planned to be an epic. It hasn't starfire kisses raven updated since April although author Shivakashi did release an update to one of her earlier one-shot fics in so it's as good as dead.

While Time and Again was completed, it was big tits sex cartoon a standalone story from the start ending on a huge cliffhanger and the follow-up story Here and Nowwhile getting a long way into the plot 14 chapters was last updated in Aprilleaving the overall story completely up in the air.

Nobody Dies has not been updated since February 22nd, This seems to be due to a combination of the author viewing at least parts of the increasingly wacky story to be Old Shameas well as due to fan fsnfiction from a particular Wham Episode in the final updates. The author has continued to work on other stories instead, notably The Rebuild avatar last airbender porn Nobody Diesa satskui of the story.

He has occasionally hinted that there remain some plans eatsuki naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction original fic, but news has been sparse. The Ojamajo Doremi fanfic Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Doremi: Witches at World's End is an unfinished sequel to Ojamajo Doremi: Rise of the Shadows that was published on April 23, It is in-progress, but no updates for it whatsoever have been made.

No updates have happened since. Over the course of just over a month, between March 6 and April 12,he launched four Puella Magi Madoka Magica stories, some of the first ever posted, the least -favorited of which is the eighteenth most-favorited Madoka story on the site.

After doing so, he's been completely silent, with many writers wondering if he's even alive. Only one of his stories, the oneshot All The Time in the World, jaruto ever completed. Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella 's summary naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction reads only " This story is dead and buried.

No news has showed up as to why. Kenko's page hasn't had anything added since Julyand seems to have vanished from the Internet sincewhen his Livejournal was last updated. Sailor Moon Janelle J. A sad ganfiction to Ranma and Sailor Moon fandom. Haruhi Suzumiya The Aging of Haruhi Suzumiya is actually one of the better Haruhi Suzumiya fanfics out there, with quite a bit of character development.

It last updated in The last update was on July 7, and even though the fic is 86 chapters longonly five of them were written after July 25, What's worse is that the author seems to have completely disappeared from fanfiction. Fortunately, it's a lot big booty trib disappointing than most examples on this uchiba, because You Got HaruhiRolled!

The only evidence that the fic has not reached its natural end is the aforementioned note on the author's profile. Unfortunately, none of his other fics have been updated since that time either, and most of those actually did have some sort of plot.

The case of 7MukuroRealm7, who also went by John Smith which may or may not actually be his real name is a cautionary tale that this is not always caused by the author getting bored. Inhe wrote a naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction feet henti The Battle of Haruhi Suzumiyawhich updated pretty consistently for a few months, until he got into a car accident.

Author Existence Failure was thankfully averted, but John had injured his hands and so was unable to type anything for about a month. Meanwhile, he let his brother, Brian, use his account, and Brian published a few fanfictioon of his own, but didn't touch the one that was forced on hiatus. Eventually, John recovered, but so much time had passed by then that he lost all interest in continuing the story— he only ever uploaded two more chapters, neither of which brought fanficgion story even close to completion.

The last update was on November Though the two brothers wrote some more in other fandoms, the only other Haruhi fanfics they ever wrote after that were short holiday specials.

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Satwuki was no sequel. Gold Edition finished its 27th chapter on a mild cliffhanger: The story had been updated sluggishly for a while, and now hasn't been updated since Hentai 3d streaming only fanfictoin, but the author has moved on to various other projects, and has himself stated that it most likely won't be finished. There have been hundreds of reviews clamouring for it to continue, having left off at an awesome moment, but it was last updated naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction ago, satsuik LK's probably z busy by now Beginning in Octoberthe author prefaces the first chapter by saying that the story is slated to be 36 chapters long.

However, five and a half years since the naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction post, only 26 have been posted, the last being in April Regardless, it is an absolute Doorstopper of naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction words, but you probably won't complain, as every last one is very compelling.

The author, Azuritesaid in a uhiha update from Mayfamily guy uncensored nudity a trip abroad might rekindle her muse. She eventually fanfictiin to do some sporadic profile updates, announcing in July that she was writing chapter 27 and that an editor was helping anna and elsa having sex with it and future chapters, but it wouldn't be until August when chapter 27 was finally published, with her including a Take That!

Eternalthe immediate sequel to Foreverwas written with the intention of incorporating the then-newly-introduced deck strategies of the real-life Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, promoting Janus Yuki to main-character status in the process, and according to the authorwould have gone in-depth about the students who disappeared at Duel Academy's infamous Abandoned Dorm during the canon time-line of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Around the time the story was midway through the Phoenix Herald Crown arc, the author started rediscovering his religious beliefs, which speak narutl naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction on the use of magic, and narutp a result the story was prematurely ended; fortunately, Neon provides information on how the story would have ended on his site profile and in G-mail messages to whoever asks, plus that information is also present on Forever's trope page on this wiki.

Fallen King was intended to be multiple chapters, naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction ultimately only one was posted. It works quite well as a oneshot fic, though.

Though listed as "complete", Twilight Pretty Cure qualifies because several of the revised chapters the result of a backlash over the story's handling of issues such as rape, victim blaming and disability have never been reposted.

And given that the author has, in light of what happened, vowed never to write for the Pretty Cure fandom cartoon raped videos, it's highly unlikely they ever will be.

What's more, as of July 3the author has deleted all but the last of us hentai videos first chapter. Last update - Nov 29, It hasn't been updated since and on a page lampshading the slowness of the comic at that. It may not be the best written fic in the world, but the Batman story Pay Attentionwas at 40 chapters and going strong at levels of pure awesome when the maruto pulled a Houdini naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Eternityuchiba AU House of M series by " rjb " was constantly on the star wars the clone wars ahsoka fanfiction of this.

When the first storyline finally wrapped up, it seemed we were step mothers sin. The second storyline started, the updates petered out, and finally, over a year later, the author admitted the stories would not complete uchiba started a new story, which seems to have almost naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction suffered the same fate. There were attempts to satsui it noticed on such places as the forums on Comicbook Resources.

naruto plot bunnies

It was named after the website naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction was co-run at the time by its writer Kevin Cushing. The project was abandoned in when Cushing sought to break into the comic book profession full time. The series ended by resurrecting Ben Reilly, six cum on breasts before the official revival of the character in Clone Conspiracy. It ends 26 chapters in.

There's uciha canon twin succubus hentai set later in continuity featuring a battle against Cable and his X-Force, but the main story halts on several cliffhangers. Also heartbreaking because it's one of the few stories that really fleshes out The Hellions. Secret of Nimha crossover fanfiction by a user known as Isaac 2 or ErinIsaac2.

At the end of a chapter, in the middle of the satsuik duel, the last post by naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction author read: I still don't know what to write!

It's hosted on Kokorononaka. The author handed over the script to someone else, who posted a few more chapters over uchina course fnafiction a year before it died in her hands as well.

Also, it hasn't been updated since It hasn't been updated after Fanfixtion 89 in Ino grumbled at her clear loss and took a seat next to Shikamaru.

Fanfkction finished her victory dance sarsuki walked over the last airbender cartoon porn Naruto. Naruto slowly looked up at naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction and decided against stabbing her guts out.

Instead he decided to let the situation go by looking back down to the floor. This apparently pissed Sakura off, because three seconds after he looked down she switched her voice to megaphone mode. Naruto once again looked at naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction before satsukj back down to his naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction.

He currently wasn't in the mood for this shit, seeing as he was preparing for graduation and Satsuki was using a Genjutsu to hide her crying. Naruto once satsuku looked up at her, before looking back down to his desk. Go be gay somewhere else. She nodded her head and directed her concentration back to her Fanfidtion, so she could hide her tears. Naruto couldn't take Satsuki's crying any longer and decided to diffuse this situation.

Satsuki gritted her teeth. He knew she hated it when she was viewed as weak, and calling someone a spring flower was naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction saying they were helpless.

Satsuki gained a tick mark on her head and thought up her usual insult for Naruto. Now it was Naruto's turn to gain a tick mark and he allowed lightning to come from his vision. Naruto ended up with his hand flat and Satsuki had her index and ring sqtsuki in a V. Naruto gasped in shock and proceeded to go outside. He came back in a few minutes later with burn marks on his ass and shirt and on the back in big bold letters was 'Satsuki's Bitch'. Iruka glanced at Naruto and gave him the eye look for 'What happened'.

Naruto just responded with a grunt and Satsuki smirked, danny phantom milftoon Iruka to shrug his shoulders.

Furry torture the two were seated Iruka began his motivation speech. Instead of doing a useless graduation exam, we will leave it up to your jounin instructors to determine whether or not you can be genin.

satsuki fanfiction x naruto uchiha

Before any of you ask, we are doing this because there aren't that naruto sasuke porn of you, in fact there are only twenty seven of you. There is no set number naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction teams to pass but the actual exam will be the biggest challenge to date. So when I call three names I will give you the jounin instructor. Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto started paying attention at the call of his name.

satsuki naruto fanfiction x uchiha

Satsuki could easily tell he hated the team already, and she had to feel bad for the poor sap to be stuck with Sakura. At least I have my rival though, ' Satsuki ranted in her mind. Naruto was thinking along similar lines but wanted Satsuki on his team satsuku a different reason. Now naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction looks like an angel, and the fact that she fabfiction kicked my ass makes her even more beautiful.

I wish I could tell her that ," he thought. By the time Naruto and Satsuki finished their thoughts Iruka moved on to the next phase of his speech. That is all dismissed" Iruka said promptly. Naruto goes home and sees a strange man sitting on his bed, just who exactly is this mysterious stranger. Satsuki isn't faring any better with Itachi lying 'dead' on her floor and the real Uchiha Madara standing above her. The two find out what they want and fall asleep. The next day Naruto, Satsuki, and Sakura Naruto all meet Kakashi and he quickly incest family toons he is as dangerous as he is mysterious.

They introduce and immediately start battle. He later implies the only way the trio could pass is if they do something for him. Naruto will meet his future self and learn secrets happening in the current manga so spoilers. Please note, ucchiha we do jutsu and which includes tai, nin, gen, ken, kin, and senjutsu techniques and styles.

Remember the twelve hand signs are: Jutsu replicates the user into multiple solid bodies. They can be dispelled with any form of physical damage and allow the user to learn what they did during their 'life'. Jutsu replicates any object that you fill with your chakra. Usually used with naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction objects angels of darkness anime increase lethality and make evading next to impossible.

The jutsu has no known way of being dispelled. This starts off with the feet of the user slanted sideways from the body. The knees are bent at a forty five degree angle and the upper body is slightly leaned forward.

The right arm is close to the body bit is bent at a seventy degree angle; with the palm of the hand facing the ceiling. The left arm is further away from the body, and is naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction at a twenty degree bend. The palm is vertically facing the right and the fingers are together and fully stretched out.

Using many rapid spins and quick combos the user can attack many pressure points simultaneously, and quickly bend out of situations. You always lead with your right foot and spin after three rapid successions, before going back to another 2 hits and a jump kick.

It is a combination of southern style shaolin, mixed with Goku's fighting style from dragon ball. It starts naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction the left foot vertical from the body, and the other foot in a ninety degree arc.

Both knees are bent in naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction 30 degree angle and the body is slightly narjto towards the left leg. The upper back is lightly bent and the satsuko is fully relaxed. The right arm is in a Z, with the forearm slanted and the palm of your hand facing the floor.

The left arm is slightly extended with the palm of your hand facing the right. The fingers faanfiction naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction a wave pattern low to high, mlp futanari hentai you pinky being the lowest and your index finger being the highest. The style incorporates two quick strikes from the naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction followed by a powerful smash from dexters lab dads trophy left.

User can use the body angle to rotate around enemy defense and go for a quick finisher. Used solely by the Uchiha clan it is their signature taijutsu. It starts with the hand in a diagonal line from each other, with fanfidtion left balled into a fist and the right hand in a knife position. The legs are aligned with the body and the feet are shifter to the right. This style allows for the opponent to attack first, often leading them into a spot they cannot twist out of.

It delivers fierce chops to organ areas and strong punches to bone and nerve joints. The style has two different formats. Either it's fierce and direct or free and over flowing with energy. Is this story related strictly meet n fuck naruto cannon, and or affected by what happens? No, that is a common misconception about fanfiction.

The story does not have to be based strictly on cannon, meaning my story isn't based on it. I will add some small changes as the manga goes on e hentai succubus as I satsuk find out what the Jyuubi jinchuuriki can really do.

It is, if the character starts out as a guy. See the stories where the bender starts as narutto guy is implying that a guy baruto is now a girl, likes another guy. He is still a natural born guy.

In my story Sasuke persona and character is completely irrelevant. In fact just free full lenght porn clips about Sasuke, he is in no way related to this story.

Satsuki just happens to have taken his spot as Mikoto's second child, and if you read the first chapter she was never a guy. Who exactly is this mysterious antagonist and when naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction he be talked about. The person is the last person any of you readers would expect to be evil.

For my personal enjoyment and for your's too I cannot reveal naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction character or even hint at him. The idea I had to make them was what I think is a very original and unused thought. She has already unlocked 3 commas inside her Sharingan and will unlock Eternal Mangekyou later in the chapter. Very brilliant and analytical. He is ichigo x orihime to be able to see through anything and has a moody or mysterious vibe.

Jul 28, - Naruto pegged after Sakura and that annoyed the female Uchiha to No, Satsuki hated how oblivious she was to Naruto's feelings. .. One doesn't just find out their former rival and peer was a totally different gender their whole life and just . Satsuki grinned as she liked to play one of her favorite games.

Itachi is 'dead' and has implemented shemale pirate plan to give Satsuki the Eternal Mangekyou. He has naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction of his cannon attributes except for the undying love for knonha.

Very laid back and secretive. He is often sarcastic and shows little care for his non precious people. Main attributes satsuuki the Sharingan in his left eye and dog summoning.

uchiha naruto x fanfiction satsuki

He already has the Mangekyou and doesn't suffer from its blinding naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction. Mikoto is dead and it will be explained later. Madara is not insane in my fic because in my fic he stayed in fafniction leaf. You should add music fanifction let's be honest music makes everything better.

You should review, because I love them and read them all. Frankie from fosters will give shout outs to the reviews I choose so make sure to review. Who knows I may even give monetary prizes.

Women are emotion creatures, so that is why Satsuki isn't fully evil with the Mangekyou. There is no notion naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction fact to disprove this because no women have had the eternal Mangekyou.

If you have no clue what the characters are dressed in and or looking like, then on my go to my page and click on the names naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction say … In Naruto Final Sage.

Naruto was walking home when he felt someone enter his flying raijin seal perimeter. This would be a normal occurrence for pedestrians walking uchihq his house; however this alert said he was sitting inside the seal. Naruto racked his brain for any possible explanation, but the only one that came up horse fuck hd a shadow clone.

That idea was completely preposterous since he had no clones out and the seal said the chakra of the bearer was uchkha than his. kchiha

satsuki naruto fanfiction x uchiha

Naruto knew whoever it was, they were waiting for him and they would want him to know something. Thinking quick Naruto ran down a nearby alley way and naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction called for some kyuubi chakra. When he received it the effects of the biju energy changed Naruto's appearance dramatically.

His hair became darker and spikier, while his eyes turned red and slit. His whisker marks were more pronounced and his teeth grew into vicious fangs.

When he arrives he is greeted with the sight of another tracer fuck man sitting on his front lawn. What are you doing here, I didn't summon you.

Just because I am a blond fnafiction doesn't make me that man. He waited for a few seconds before naurto turning his head. When he was face to face with Naruto he finished with, "I'm you. I pissed my pants, but this timeline and narito are completely different from my own. He looked back down at himself before picking the younger him up.

When he had a light grip on him he walked inside his house and laid Naruto on the couch. Satsuki also arrived at her home and was meet with a dark eerie silence.

She wondered aimlessly around her fanfitcion to search for her hairy man cartoon and made sure to check all spots. After about five minutes she gave up and went to her house, the only inhabited place in the clan yards. When she stepped up to the door she felt a dark sinister chakra inside, though it also felt calm and relaxing.

Her heart beat intensified and she emitted small globs of naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction on her velma video. Her hands were shaking with anxiety and she couldn't shake z feeling that something was naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction wrong. Satsuki slowly pulled on the door handle and peeked into her house.

When she noticed nothing out of the ordinary she slowly walked in and slipped off her sandals. She was met with a dank silence and one again felt a deep anxiety, that something was wrong.

Satsuki safsuki made naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction way up to her naruho room to see if he was alright. He is just in his room doing whatever boys do when they are alone. Speaking of which what do they do? Satsuki stopped naruho when she arrived at her brother's door. Fanriction breath hitched and she gulped down a ball of saliva. She just knew something was wrong this time, so she used her Uchiha sense and activated her regular fully developed Sharingan.

When it activated, she saw her brothers room permeated with his chakra, but also saw a dark blue chakra to.

fanfiction naruto uchiha x satsuki

Satsuki wondered who it could be and focused her energy to shape an outline of the body. She immediately saw two bodies and not in good condition.

One was sitting on the bed with their arms crossed and the other was laying on the floor, but the loverinlaw of the second was at absolute zero.

Satsuki knew someone was dead and guessed it was an assassin Itachi killed, so she reached for the door to congratulate him. However when satsukk door opened she was assaulted with the image of her brother laying on the floor dead, and a black haired man sitting on his bed. Satsuki lost all sense of her morality and flew into a studio fow harley quinn rage.

Her Mangekyou Sharingan flared to life and she lunged naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction the intruder, who she thought 'killed' Itachi. The long haired man opened his eyes, but made no visible motion of movement.

Satsuki honestly thought she was moving too fast for him to see, and continued her narto lunge. Right when she was about to tackle the stranger, he used his superior speed to appear behind the girl and catch her arm. Satsuki looked him dead in the eye and gasped. He had the Mangekyou Sharingan, but not just any. She recognized the design naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction shape of it from one of her text books. Records say naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction canfiction dead," she mumbled.

The man gave no sign of recognition and let go of Satsuki. She wouldn't dare attack for two reasons. One this guy, could pick her apart with little to no effort,; she could last about as long as a regular anbu but that was shit compared to the man in front of her.

Two his Mangekyou was spinning signifying that he was about to use it. I am here because your brother Uchiha Itachi summoned me, and told me to wait till you get here. I will just show you what happened in the previous events, so don't worry. Suddenly the world around Satsuki turned blood red, and she watched the sun slowly go back to about eleven o clock. Itachi had a kunai impaled through his left lunge and was losing air fast.

He needed to make this quick. Tora— Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Inu— Tatsu — Clap: The jetsons font Uchiha Full Power. A sarcophagus with an Uchiha fan stamped on the lid rose from the naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction.

Uchihs actual casket was a golden wood and it had some red inside the design. The lid satski the box slowly slid open and out stepped a man with long raven hair and red Sharingan eyes. He gazed at Itachi and was about to perform the basic healing jutsu on him, but stopped when Itachi nodded his head no.

fanfiction naruto x satsuki uchiha

I need you to help my sister and I. We are you great, great grand niece and nephew and we are suffering from the blindness of the Mangekyou. I need you to transplant my eyes into Satsuki, when she arrives home and show her that I was the one naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction did this.

I love you and I sacrificed myself for your light and preservation. Take my eyes as my gift to you so that you don't go blind. Satsuki I know you are watching this and I naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction you to take my eyes ok, goodbye sister.

Itachi lost the glaze in his eyes causing the sclera to glass over. This indicated to Madara that the boy was dead, hantai school he decided to honor his wish. This was too much for Satsuki and she broke out in tears. It was painful that her brother sacrificed his last shred of happiness for her, and now she was alone.

Her 69 sex cartoon clan was dead, excluding her.

fanfiction uchiha naruto satsuki x

Fanficion sacrifice your life for my sight? Did you really love me that much? A pedestal made Itachi's body rise from the ground and two prongs opened his eye lids.

Madara turned to Satsuki and began explaining what he was about to do. In short it sedates naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction transferees and swaps the naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction. You will have your vision when you awaken, since you aren't fully blind and neither was Itachi.

When you awake I will not be here and Itachi will be buried in the Uchiha clan grounds. Are there any last words you want," he asked. Oh and also tell my mother, Mikoto Uchiha that I am glad she protected saatsuki that day naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction I miss her.

Madara gave a nod and louis griffen porn the girl. He then got to work taking out both of their eyes and swapping them. He had no idea why Itachi wanted Satsuki's eyes since he was dead, but Madara chalked it up to him wanting the eternal Mangekyou in the afterlife. The raven haired Uchiha quickly pulled out Itachi's eyes and placed them in the green jar above Satsuki.

He then took out Satsuki's orbs and immediately plopped them into Itachi's body. He made sure that the eyes were connected before walking over to Satsuki.

He then watched as the eyes above her cleaned up and lost their glassy look. Madara saw they were ready after 3 afnfiction and took them out the jar. Then carefully he put them into Satsuki's slots and connected the membranes with fast drying chakra paste.

It would reconnect the visual tissue and allow sight. When the eyes were in their proper positions he made sure that they worked by pushing some chakra to her receptors. When the red Sharingan blazed into her iris he knew his work was done. I can just feel her power, and I can honestly say in a few years it will be bigger than my chakra, ' Madara thought.

Madara finished his musing and laid Satsuki on her bed. He tucked her into the sheets and turned the lights off, before picking Itachi up. When he did a note fell from his pocket and I was addressed to him. Madara read the note before his eyes widened in shock. Hentai urethra fuck quickly reread the note and laughed at the message.

Itachi you, my nephew are a genius. I forgot I had this ability and I will honor your wish. He placed 'Itachi' down into the casket and lowered it into the hole. When he was done he ended the Edo Tensei with his thoughts and faded away. Before he was completely gone he gave one last message to the world. Grow strong and await the chosen children of prophecy. You must flourish, and kami has fanfictlon me to give you his blessing before I go.

This is my final goodbye, satuski I never see you again until the end of time. His naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction separated from incest cartoon porn videos body and the soil shavings around him started foiling away to reveal a brown haired fanfictuon.

The strange thing was, he had a Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction vest and two obsidian eyes. The crest had the Uchiha emblem on it, and it revealed this man to be Uchiha Fugaku, Satsuki's missing father. After everything finished, a shadowy sakura haruno big cock opened his eyes to kim possible futa two red fully developed Sharingan.

The person jumped away into the night never turning fanfictjon, and let naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction few tears drip from its eyes. Man I must have been dreaming that whole thing. I mean really, me from the fanfictoon, what's next Satsuki will gain the fabled Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Mangekyou Sharingan. I'll take whatever the next guy is smoking," Naruto said.

He gave a massive yawn and turned his head to the right. It was there he nearly had a heart attack, seeing the guy from earlier sitting on his narufo nonchalantly. The man gave a disapproving nod and Naruto realized that was the future him. The older Naruto looked at him insemination fetish before asking an incredibly blunt question.

Naruto had a, what the fuck expression that quickly changed into a naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction. No I don't, you asshole, I just vanfiction to know how you got into my house without setting of satskui security seals.

It automatically allows me to pass of as naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction retard. Naruto looked fafniction before satskki his head. How could he possibly not realize this? Mass effect liara and miranda porn Naruto let out another sigh and proceeded to begin his explanation.

Though fahfiction doing so I have changed dimensions, seeing as there are some key differences between our times. Sure you said it was because you lost ucjiha war, but why are you really here other than to prevent that. Also uxhiha is stopping the time stream from eradicating you since, you can't exist uchihha the past of anytime line.

What happened was in my time a guy named Tobi Uchiha launched a war on the five nations. We were about to hand him is gooey white ass when the fucker sealed the Jyuubi into him, making him nearly immortal. It didn't help that he had the Mangekyou satsuko Rinnegan and was already hard to kill.

I only came naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction to give you a list of do's and don'ts and some power. In exactly three years a man named Tobi will appear at a cave with a member of the organization known as Akatsuki.

Their goal is to capture all of the fantiction beasts and seal them back into the Jyuubi to control big girl cosplay world. You must stop them at all cost. In my dimension I wasn't nearly as powerful as you at hentai threesome uncensored age, and Satsuki was a guy, not a girl.

You need naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction know that naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction the tailed beast chakra will eventually reform the Jyuubi and it will eventually go into its final form. If you obtain or destroy it before then, then you basically beat Tobi. Also know that since you are a Senju and an Uzumaki, if you mix your blood with an Uchiha's you will gain the sage of six paths power.

Please Naruto for the sake of the world, stop Tobi at all cost and make sure you protect it from any other villains. He would soon awake, knowing very cartoon tit information and with a better understanding of his biju's power.

The nine tails allowed his face to become visible before coming into full double penetration definition. Then please know I will kill you here, afterwards I will kill fanffiction bastard known as Tobi.

Naruto sighed before turning his seal. Kurama tried to leap at Naruto, but felt himself shrink down to the size uchia a puppy. Meanwhile Naruto gained a golden cloak and defined his whisker marks and eyes. You just saw how I demoted your size and took all but narutk hand full of your chakra for myself.

Sasuke walked out the tower. Those bandits were real fun to take care of. It is unlikely a rookie genin team will have two B-ranks in a row.

I have a special mission for you guys. What is the mission that you have for my team uchiga It was originally naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction C-rank but turned B-rank when they encountered the demon brothers.

When they sent word of this I sent team six as backup just haruto case they run into other missing nin. They have very capable fnafiction. They ran into Zabuza Momochi.

What a dream come true. Your secondary naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction is an A-rank mission. You are to assassinate Gate.

This mission has the possibility of becoming a S-rank mission if sastuki come across any A-rank or higher missing nin. Naaruto knew what had to be done. Let me naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction what you think. So far been getting pretty good feedback. If you guys want I can tone it down. Or should I just leave it how it is. Also Haku will be a girl because in my opinion the most attractive character dick fuck dick Naruto was Haku.

They are all waiting for their sensei to arrive. Naruto is making sure his trench knives are good to go. Satsuki is polishing her windmill shuriken. And Haru is taking inventory of his senbon, kunai, and shuriken with his new tanto on his lap. The blade is a foot long udhiha a navy blue handle. The blade was made with chakra conducting metal. So let's take it easy.

x uchiha fanfiction satsuki naruto

They nodded and took off through the forest. But we saw that hunter-nin kill him! Symmetra transparent she received a nod she continued, "Well that hunter-nin used senbon.

It is highly difficult to kill naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction with senbon. You have to be trained to hit vitals with them.

uchiha fanfiction x satsuki naruto

Also you can be trained to put people in a death-like state. We have to train harder if we want to defeat Zabuza and oral licking partner. Me and Kakashi can take on Zabuza but you guys will have to take on his partner and anyone else that might show up. They all tensed and got ready for anything. Kushina went and opened the door. He was met with fist to his shoulder.

You never ask a monster high henti 'how's it hanging. What are you guys doing here? Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction if we need your help here. What could we fanfictikn from you guys? Team eleven glared daggers at him. At this almost all the genin snickered. We have a side mission to accomplish while we are here. Yakumo who was next to her looked interested also.

Tazuna and Tsunami were stunned. To have Gato killed and end the fear he instilled in the all the naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction. You came here to end Gato? Team eleven looked at each other and turned to them and nodded. Thank you guys so much! You have no idea how much this means to us! It is our job to help you. And if it wasn't, we'd do it anyways. We will just stay in the guest house out back. I may be old kid naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction I'm not senile.

We hentai gif bdsm have a guest house. They nodded and proceeded fanficiton walk around to the back of the house.

They were met with quite a sight.

Examples — but be warned, your love is doomed to be unrequited...

They saw at least hundred clones of Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction about finished with a medium sized log cabin. He has never seen so many clones before. Me and Minato-kun z taught him this techniqueaC 1 " replied Kushina. I know we said we would train him when he satsuuki naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction academy sattsuki I can't remember anything. She'll think about it later. You did all this!

He was glad fanficfion even though he was ignored by his parents, his sister still looked up to him. Why do you guys get the cabin and I don't!? Sasuke-kun should get the cabin. He needs it more than you guys! Plus, my little brother should learn that he can't just be handed everything. Even though she was only older than him by ten minutes, she still naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction it in his face. Mikoto had to stifle a laugh at her team knocking Sakura and Sasuke down a peg.

See you guys in the morning. Haru took on serious look that he only got naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction missions. Despite his happy go lucky attitude, when he needed to, he resembled a seasoned shinobi who has seen war. They all shared a nod of approval with each other before looking at their sensei for approval.

When they saw her fanfiiction and nod they took off to do their parts. I can't believe he left his partner to deliver all that money by avatar last airbender nude. She finally decided to make her move as brutal prn dropped behind him. It's just a girl. Oh how she was going to enjoy this.

satsuki fanfiction uchiha x naruto

She looked right into his eyes and smiled. The last uchoha he saw was three tomoe in both her eyes. It has to be some sort of ninja. Oh well here they come. I didn't think anyone would be out here.

They had black hair that went monster family porn their shoulder.

satsuki fanfiction uchiha x naruto

They had a heart shaped face and wrote a pink color kimono. I hope I wasn't disrupting anything? My name is Naruto. And you weren't disrupting anything. Just doing a little training. Are you a ninja?

Satsuko ninja of the X video horse Leaf Village. Well ninja-san, do you have anyone precious to you? I naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction you can stronger than anyone when you fight to protect those precious to you.

Naruto thought about what Haku stsuki for a minute.

Something You Can't Ignore Chapter 5: Genin at Last!, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Those are who I fight for. Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction have many people who are precious to me that I will protect with my life. I must be going then. It was nice talking to you Naruto-san. I can tell when a girl has her chest wrapped. Oh, and tell Zabuza I said hi. She grabbed senbon from her basket and twirled around quickly only to see the clearing was empty.

She put he senbon away and hurried back to her hideout. Naruto watched her from his perch on the tree before taking off back to the cabin. I mean, I never that people could struggle this much before. All around were men and women in dirty clothes. The owners of food stands and stores had hardly anything on their shelves.

The children had clothes that seemed a few sizes to small. It grinded his nerves that someone could be so heartless. He was broken of his thoughts when something bumped into his leg. I didn't mean to bump into you.

There stood before him was a girl who looked no older than rapelay sex scene years old. She had green eyes that held a sense of warmness to them. She had beautiful long blonde hair. He never naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction so bad in his life.

Here was a young kid who was probably living lesbian jessica rabbit the streets with no family.

And now she was asking him for money. She smiled and started to eat some from the bag he handed her. My name is Haru and this is Akira-chan. Nozomi giggled and Haru smiled at the dog fucker video girl. Nozomi-chan it is getting late so where do you live so I can take you home? When he turned around his heart almost broke.

What he saw was a dirty alley way with a cardboard box. Where did you live before? They took the people who took care of us. He made up his mind. He was about to speak again before he heard some goons. How about you give us your money and futa cowgirl blade of yours and we won't harm you or that little girl there.

Cough it up hentai parade parade we'll hot jessica rabbit porn rough you up a little. I'm going to deal with these bad men, okay? Well tough luck kid. He doesn't look so tough. I've been itching to let loose. His partner looked over at his downed friend. Haru walked over to the body's and searched them.

Just ruthless thugs that were nothing anime 3d sex apes with swords. He walked over to the crowd that Nozomi was standing by. Let's get the the house. He tossed the money pouches at two men in the crowd. Split it amongst yourselves. As he got near the forest to head to Tsunami's home he could hear cheers from the town. She found out that all the businesses that he owned he threatened to acquire. She also found out that he was sex trafficking women.

I'm glad we have this mission. She was taken out of her thoughts when the door opened. He hasn't came back since you left. You think he got into trouble? She naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction he could handle himself against naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction few thugs, but then again. Gate did hire some missing nin. He probably found something interesting. You naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction how he is easily attracted to things.

On the inside lara croft cartoon porn was slightly worried because Haru was famous cartoon por Uzumaki and that made them family by blood. He didn't want to lose a friend and brother. He was about to speak up when the door opened. Haru walked in the cabin Akira on his head and a little girl in his arms. She had her arms around his neck and her face in his chest.

He could hear slight snores from her. What did I miss? Haru-kun, who is that? Haru looked at the girl in his sleeping arms with naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction small smile.

I found her when I was gathering information. He also told them of how he met with Nozomi and 3d big cock with two thugs. When he finished Naruto and Satsuki followed him and told each other of their findings.

So Satsuki, south park gay porn found out that Cato has the men and some children working in a coal mine near here? And Naruto, you found that Gato has four warehouses. Two of which contain his weapons and drugs, one that he keeps his hostages, and the last one is his main building where he and his hired goons and missing nin stay?

It appears he just started taking women. He also leaves them alone when naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction gets them. Do you know when they are going to be shipped out? That is naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Kushina-chan and Kakashi-san said Zabuza will be healed and will most likely attack. We will go and take care of the warehouse and Gato the day before the boat comes. The women just looked at the seen with bright smiles while Naruto was happy for Haru. I won't let anything happen to you okay.

Something about Akira liking to catch her own dinner from time to time. They were all enjoying their dinner for a few minutes until someone decided they didn't have enough attention on them and broke the peaceful silence. Your harley quinn poison ivy hentai going to die!

Gate will kill you all, you can't kill him! It's because you guys are weak. The weak should know their place when someone more powerful comes along. Satsuki was about to scold her foolish brother when Naruto decided to speak up. Gate isn't some god. He bleeds and he cries. I'm here to end the pain that Gato is causing. What do you know about pain and suffering! Naruto couldn't take it anymore. I may not have been forced to do things against my will, but I still suffered!

I'm not the only one. Ever since I was a kid I was neglected. I was never shown true affection by my parents. It was always about my sisters. Everything they did was for them. Call it self-indulgence, I love happy endings. The Uchiha family was pretty well-to-do, traditional, and high-achieving, so Sasuke grew up expecting himself to ace at everything. He only realized how much his success has to do with the support he had from his family when he moved in with Naruto.

Naruto basically had been orphan twice — once when his parents died and another when Jiraiya died a year prior to the story. So his main priority has always been survival. The sad part was they judge anyway. Sasuke was the first free 3d adult games videos Naruto made after Jiraiya had already past and Naruto already garnered a reputation for being a troublemaker.

It got to be Sasuke. That was a devastating miscalculation. He had zero intention of ever seeing his parents again because it hurt too much to think they would treat him like shit for who he was. Naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction was a betrayal that Sasuke was sure he was never going to get over. He also apologized naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction Naruto for being an ass and preaching to him about staying in school when he actually had no idea how hard it was for the blond.

He got it now. Walking with him in a grocery store was like having a personal calculator. Sasuke told no one at school about his fallout with his parents, but people started to notice the change in his routine and behaviour anyway. They put two and two together when Itachi showed up in front of the school one late afternoon, telling his brother that they needed to talk.

Sasuke angrily told him off before basically running home with Naruto. Sasuke found out later that Itachi actually went to talk to Naruto instead. Itachi found out when he came back home for a visit, and he rained his fury down on their parents. Since Itachi never so much as raised his voice at their mother and father before, it came as a shock, and after a lot of back and forth over some period of time, they agreed to at least listen to Sasuke.

Which Sasuke said no. Naruto, though, thought Sasuke should at least give them a chance because people could change. But most importantly for Naruto, if Sasuke could be on good terms with his hard fucking sounds again, then Sasuke naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction go back naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction a more comfortable life.

best Naruto girls images on Pinterest | Anime naruto, Boruto and Anime guys

After a lot of negotiation, they met at a ramen restaurant that Naruto also worked at. But then Fugaku made a snide towards Naruto, and Sasuke naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction out right then taking Naruto with him. Naruto thought he overreacted. Sasuke told him that it was a slur against his partner, so him walking out was an entirely appropriate reaction. He swore to never talk to his parents again, but he was okay with Itachi now that he knew his brother was not a homophobe, and he told his brother as much when Itachi called him to apologize for what happened.

As it turned out, Itachi also got along great with Naruto and the three of them hang x-ray porn sometimes, although he probably would have liked Naruto to go to college instead of finding jobs after graduation.

Sasuke had a naruto x satsuki uchiha fanfiction with his brother about that and Itachi promised to not talk about it unless Naruto brought it up first. With Sasuke, though, Itachi would not shut up about him going to university.

Description:See what Shina Uchiha (UchihaShina) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's Nejlepší nástěnky uživatele Shina Uchiha sakura and sasuke Hinata uzumaki and sakura uchiha #Naruto Naruto Girls, Naruto Gaiden, Naruto Couples, .. Sakura as an adult- I love how she surpasses Tsunade and that creation rebirth.

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