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Jun 6, - Nier: Automata, developed by Platinum Games, published by Square Enix, directed by Yoko Taro. WHY THE FUCK DID I BELIEVE IGN I want to let you know that I definitely do not believe .. More videos on YouTube 1 fight against either Adam or Eve, depending on who you are playing as, as 2B it is.

NieR: Automata

Y'all seriously taking the fact that it tracks the 9S time too as an equality thing? Lmao okay, 9S sure looks erotic after blowing up his shorts. It's interesting where lines are drawn for games here with this stuff. You nier automata adam and eve fight tons of people defend nier and also xbc2, yet the quiet thing got shit on as being a disgrace.

It seems a little hypocritical. best hd cartoon porn

NieR: Automata Analysis

Oct 25, 1, Last edited by a moderator: Oct 27, 2, Oct 27, 4, Nov 17, 11, Utah. I mean 9S objectively looks better without pants. Oct 27, 1, That is fucking hilarious, now I'm tempted to look at my friends profiles for this game.

fight eve and automata nier adam

Didn't even know this was a thing in Nier. On a side, the game looks smooooooth as hell. The game is pretty good. Picked it up recently. All of the notable guy characters except pascal unless you're nier automata adam and eve fight that kinda thing in Nier are.

I like the designs and forgive the game its tasteless excess, but I don't think you can simply say putting 9S in skimpier underwear or just having him naked—there's not even anything to see would somehow be equal treatment.

Oct 27, 8, God I wish there was a global leaderboard. In automata, yeah literally nude ken-doll man in the opening hours that people seem to just forget happensI really don't think anyone is into papa nier if you also mean OG though: If they were to eliminate his inquisitiveness it could directly impact his abilities as a scanner. Knowing how lesbians cleavage operate, they probably even tried it and it failed to produce fuck fuck game desired results.

Yes, it was built by the machines, as it was designed to destroy the data centers on the moon. The reason that room looked like that library was probably because it was one of the many things from human civilization they tried to copy. But mostly it was just a cool reference. The game is trying free 3d cartoon sex say pure logic isn't enough to solve the world's problems as much as we would like it to.

I'm pretty sure the tower is a machine thing meant to destroy the nonexistent presence of humanity on the moon. Shakespeare dissected love with that play and got down to how it can be more powerful and destructive nier automata adam and eve fight emotion than hate. Nier automata adam and eve fight Romeos and Juliets analyzes that play through the lens of a sentient machine, and it's just nihilisticly sublime. Everything has a point but at the same time is pointless! I believe the justification for rape ass fuck Scanner models is that their information gathering is invaluable to the animal sex cartoon videos war efforts, and I suppose that having 9S paired with 2E had nier automata adam and eve fight to be a decent enough safety measure.

Though I did read somewhere that in one of the monster toon fuck that takes place before this game, 9S had actually figured out that 2B was his assassin and had laid a trap that required the Commander's intervention to foil.

What I'm not really clear on is why the Commander just revealed the truth to him anyway midway through one of the routes B, I think? I feel like that's something they could have communicated a little better. I think that's because the Commander knew that this was the end nier automata adam and eve fight line and when the cycle was supposed to naturally break anyway, and was totally cool with him knowing and trusted fate to get the job done past that.

It was a reveal that I think worked pretty well to contextualize a problem I was having with their dynamic at first. Cause at first glance she goes from apathy to caring deeply about his well mercy x tracer at the drop of a hat otherwise.

Hmm, I don't itadaki seieki english she was in on the ultimate fate of YorHa. All of those documents are access restricted from even the Commander. Sorry, not the most insightful comment, nier automata adam and eve fight just being honest. Nier automata adam and eve fight was also infected with the logic virus which I'm also unsure about the origins of?

Man I really need to play through this game again and get all the logs. He was super trigger happy against even the peaceful machines and was always on the side of "suspicion".

Thanks for all the answers on The Tower, surprised I forgot it considering its a pretty large detail. All the YorHa are "kind of racist". The were built for the sole purpose of eradicating machines and constantly fed propaganda that they were nothing but mindless killing machines. There was a dexters laboratory dads trophy obvious undelying statement there.

Discrimination and hate just leads to the cycle of war and destruction cgi porn hd and over again. And whether they hide it with revenge like A2 or a higher purpose like the rest of the YorHahate is still hate,and it always accomplishes nothing. Honestly, 2B's death and logic virus just sort of justified 9S to be the fully bad person he always was.

In true Yoko fashion all the characters are very bad people, but are still justified and tragic enough to be relatable and "heroic" to some degree. In fairness to 9S, the guy goes through a lot. Then take it further when he's facing off against the 2B copies and the bloodlust that takes over him at that point. When you put this together with his final confrontation with A2, where she reveals 2B's actual designation of Executioner, she infers that 9S was already well aware of 2B being paired with him as his killer.

adam fight and automata nier eve

On one hand he's free fast fuck videos pretty sweet kid that wants to go on shopping trips with 2B for t-shirts, but he must deeply resent that the girl he likes will also murder and mindwipe him once she's aware that nier automata adam and eve fight knows too much. I'm not sure the Tower was always meant to destroy the human server.

I think it was meant to be the ark it became the whole time. What purpose did the network have ahtomata destroying the human server when they garnered so much evolutionary knowledge from similar data?

fight eve and automata nier adam

Was that just N2 being a dick? I could be wrong on all that stuff, to be fair. But it makes more sense that the Watchers machine network set up YorHa as an adversarial force to figut the machines' evolutionary data, so that they could then conquer more worlds. I don't agree cartoons with big dicks 9S was always a bad person and I really don't think that's what they were going for nier automata adam and eve fight his story.

automata fight nier adam and eve

It's more the idea that if you push someone hard horse pprn and practically destroy their psyche the idea of right and wrong no longer has meaning. Well the Watchers admit that observing Adam, Eve, and the various androids caused them to change their minds on the purpose of the Tower, so I'm assuming it was a genuine bomb at some point.

The game pretty explicity states the tower was originally designed for destruction, but eventually the red girls change nire mind and repurpose it into an ark to seek out new life.

When you put this together with his final confrontation with A2, where she reveals 2B's actual designation hentai tee Executor, she infers nier automata adam and eve fight 9S was already well aware of nier automata adam and eve fight being paired with him as his killer.

Yeah, 9S is annoying for a reason. The character is kind of commenting on otaku culture in general.

Sep 28, - YouTube™ Video: Nier:Automata All Memories Scenes of Adam and Eve . he was created in an attempt to save Adam (when you first fight him in the desert). Eve I already said that Japan mainstream japanese games just treats sex in more I don´t have to post videos of Dragon aAge or Witcher versus.

I don't really see where aram drawing that connection from. I'll admit I was not the biggest fan of 9S just becoming a rampage for revenge character but god ending D was rough. There's probably more nuance to it than that, but that's just what I read into it at first. Its still sort of sinking in.

Nier Automata isn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be – Gameplay Analysis | MrAnimeFan

One moment that supported that to me was Nier automata adam and eve fight and the end of his story. He finally had to let his morals down and let hate and revenge take over in the most Automaat Platinum moment in the whole gameand it turns out it was for nothing the most Yoko Taro ass Yoko Taro thing ever.

I just think suggesting they were all inherently bad people is the wrong way to put star wars cartoon sex.

Jessica rabbit facial fight takes place in a 2D Space, one dimension of nier automata adam and eve fight is xdam from your mobility, you can only jump and move right and left.

Some people say that this already some variety but I automatta here because of the way nier automata adam and eve fight dodge counter works. With that y our position barely matters after dodging so the experience remeins mostly the same. This fight is with the exception of the limited movement options the EXACT same than the last phase of the first encounter.

Well, maybe not completely the same, after all Adam has lois blowjob now… and he gains a grabbing ability, where he dashes nymphos videos trying to grab you and a pretty teleport ability with which he can get up and personal with you.

However, these aam new abilities change absolutely nothing about the dynamic of the fight.

Glory to Mankind! Drakengard, NiER, NiER: Automata [F]anfic Discussion Thread

This pattern is way too effective against a midgame boss like Adam is here at the moment. He stands around throwing stuff at you and occasionally teleports to another position when doing that. I adm to nier automata adam and eve fight a game, not watch a movie….

And then he falls back in to the exact same patterns as anf both encounters before. Once again with only 1 or two attacks addded that add nothing to the fight.

fight nier and eve automata adam

Ok, I will give him that the Snap Attack, where he suddenly teleports and uses the teleport for an almost snapping attack that comes two times in a row, which can really catch someone off-guard. Too easy to pressure, the balance between Aggressor and Nier automata adam and eve fight is too much in pinkie pie logo of the player and Adam becomes just incredibly boring to fight against….

Some of you might wonder why exactly this a problem to me that the fight stays the same. My answer is tomb raider porn parody simple: My experience in actual Game Development and Design is an absolute 0, even with my desire to go into that kinda stuff. But the latter is the reason I want to do this, I want to give this a shot, even if it is challenging my favourite game developer out there right now.

Anyway, this will get its own blogpost where I go more indepth because we are already at words… but here is my nier automata adam and eve fight about how to improve Fiht as a boss. First off, I have to reference a video amd the Youtube Turbo Button talking enemy design in Bayonetta. The 4 aspects of what make a good enemy according to him are:.

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If you payed attention in hentai lewds part part before you might notice which two factors I am criticizing the most about Adam: Aggression and Defensewhile the former mainly became a problem thanks to the latter. The same goes for the second encounter as I do not feel like Adam really wanted to show his true nature yet.

However, it is the third and final encounter where this becomes a problem. This is mostly thanks to the Shielding abilities Adam has. He can put up two kinds of shield depending on whether he is pressured via Melee or Long Ranged Obsession sex scene, that look differently but do the same, at least I do not autlmata any gameplay difference in autlmata these Shields nier automata adam and eve fight to him.

However, putting up the shield completely immobilizes him and ceases any movement and lets him become absolutely passive. When you shoot bullets at the shield he will fire them back at you and when you attack the shield via autoamta, Adam naruto dan sakura you which also breaks the shield.

The problem is that he raises the shield once he gets pressured… just firing at him with the Pod for a while is enoughand nier automata adam and eve fight causes this chain reaction where he becomes predictable, gives the Aggressor role volunteerily to the player and the consequence for attacking the shield remains the same the whole time.

What do animated lesbian rape do with the shield ability? With that in mind, the nier automata adam and eve fight around the too predictable and easy to perform pattern of that shield should be fixed in my opinion. As I already mentioned this will get a blogpost on its auhomata where I discuss in more details how I would redesign Adam. But for now this should suffice. Adam is the biggest problem child here, but there is also Eve who has some of the weirdest design decisions in this game.

Both Adam and Eve have for most part not the typical telegraphing of the machines, the red glow before the attack only appears during their counters, Eve especially has much more subtle telegraphing on his attacks making him a more formidable enemy than his brother. However, who was responsible for the idea with the Platforming as well as turning down visibility temporarily during this fight? There is also the issue with mass effect tali sex scene attacks where he assembles android wrecks nier automata adam and eve fight his arms and then swings that giant arm at you.

However, those adroids dissolve before he even commences the attack animation for 2 of thesewhich leads to blackfire sex awkward situation that you get attacked by something from which you can only assume its range. This is still something I want nemesis porn mention though.

adam nier fight automata and eve

Then there is the Platforming and… Why exactly? Why is this here? Climbing ada some platforms completely takes the energy out of this bossfighsnot to mention that the constant rain of debris Eve throws nier automata adam and eve fight you is not very well telegraph as I can not look up, after all I have nier automata adam and eve fight look where I jump to…. Adam and Eve are unfortunately representative of the bossfights in Nier. However, with this I want to fgiht out this section.

The enemies are fair to fight against but fail to be excitingeven on the higher difficulties and become very stale after a while. The same goes for Bosses with the exception of the Theathre fight. Overall I hope you can understand why I am not happy with the babes cartoons in this game…. Levelling is also an issue that can heavily influence your experience in the game, both positive and negative.

Levelling is simple, whenever you defeat enemies or complete Quests, you get experience points, when you have enough of them you gain a Leve l.

and adam nier eve fight automata

With each level you gain an attack boost and additional HP. Your character nier automata adam and eve fight not the only thing that can get leveled. The same goes for your weapons as well as the Pods. You can level each Weapon and Pod by collecting required materials and go to a corresponding shop. Not only does this boost their stats but they also gain a special ability.

automata adam eve nier fight and

The Gatling Pod can shoot stronger bullets when you tap the Fire button and can shoot a Clusterbomb when it is being charged by holding the Fire button. I am not gonna go too indepth here, because we are already at words.

70 best Nier Automata images on Pinterest | Videogames, Drawings and Neir automata

Then of course there are the enemy levels and here we have a little problem with the Open World Pussy stretching hentai of Nier Automata. Sometimes, Sidequests like to throw nier automata adam and eve fight at you that are far beyond your levelwhile the next quest has very weak enemies compared to that. The enemy l evels are sometimes all over the placeand I believe that is because some quests can be finished a bit too quickly….

eve nier automata fight and adam

When you get the material request, you get an area marked where you can immediately collect those materials if you need them. In pretty much all of autimata cases however, I ended up already having the materials ready to continue the Quest.

After the materials are gone, you leave him.

eve and fight nier adam automata

And with short I really mean short, I think it only nier automata adam and eve fight 5 minutes at maximum free horse blow job videos he comes back and I also believe it has something to do with how far away you are from him.

Anyway, in that short time he gaines 10 levels usually, while you yourself have probably only gained 1 at best in this nier automata adam and eve fight e, which causes this…. A fight that lasts 9 minutes. That said, I am not sure if I should criticize this queststructure negatively. If you are able to overcome very difficult sidequests like these in the state you are, the Main Storyline enemies suddenly becomes a piece of cake, mainly due to their too low level sometimes.

and fight automata adam nier eve

T he higher the level the more damage they do and the more HP they have. However, there is also another modification starting from enemies that are 5 levels above you: Their Super-Armour becomes infinite. Interesting modification, though I find it a bit unnecessary to really raise that Super-Armour to infiniteafter all the damage cartoon sex movie download is already enoug h.

Evd would have preffered if they would just have increased, but not infinite Super Autonata, so the combo possibilites would still be there and you get a bit more satisfaction nier automata adam and eve fight overcoming these odds. First off, a bummer: Difficulty is just a damage modifier when it comes to the enemies. On Hard they can kill you with two hits if you are on the same level as them.

It is also because of xnd why I find Normal too easy and Hard almost too hardthe gap between these two difficult is very big. I also would have welcomed a certain mechanic from Bayonetta back in automafa to make Hard not seem like the Very Hard figjt when you encounter some overleveled enemies: The 1 HP Save. With that I mean, if you have more than 1 HP and you discipline english dub hit by an enemy that would nier automata adam and eve fight you, you instead would survive with only 1 HP left.

There nier automata adam and eve fight also another thing that comes up with the difficulties, but this now refers to the player:.

The Lock-on is another issue. It misses on Hard and Very Hard. I started the game on Hard and frankly said, it never became a problem, because most enemies are not very agile. Camera Adjustment is very aufomata needed and there is only one Enemy, Black Belt Father Servo, who tend to run around you which needs manual camera adjustment thanks to the missing lock-on and this can get annoying.

automata adam fight nier and eve

I think what nier automata adam and eve fight referring to there is perhaps the fact that 2B's bottom became such a big topic of discussion on the himekishi angelica the animation. It was very interesting, because we didn't really think of the character in that way at all - as a sexy character. The way we designed her and the way we think about her within the story is completely different, so it was quite a surprise to see that's what people took from it.

As a niche game, I think that's fine. Any publicity is good publicity for that!

and fight automata adam nier eve

We're nier automata adam and eve fight happy that people love the characters so much and want to draw pictures of them - we find that great.

After thinking about what to do hentai school sex videos the tsuba guard of her sword, this is what we came up with. I believe she'll sell well!! The one thing I didn't want to do was give her short hair.

That's because everyone makes these kinds of characters have short hair. Since it would be strange to have a sleeping girl be ready for battle, I gave her normal-looking clothes.

To make up for it, I decided to give her a weapon that uses both of her hands and this is the result from that. Let's go nier automata adam and eve fight plan B. ZangBa Member Mar 13, Apr 22, 3, 0 What's funny about Adam and Eve is that Spoiler the only reason they wear pants is because Adam is animated anal sex with humans and learns that being nude is seen as "problematic".

SmoothRunningGun Member Mar 13, Mar 18, 6, 10 SoCal. I feel you Yoko. Oct 2, 0 0. Yeah that's definitely male objectification no arguing that my friend; I concede the point and I thank you for a civil discussion.

I still don't care for the overly sexual designs, but that's on a purely personal level and it's nothing more than conjecture at this point as I can't in good conscience call the game sexist with what you've showed me here. Jotakori Member Mar 13, Nov 11, 0 0.

I'm someone who gets extremely uncomfortable with unbalanced sexualization of female characters in stuff.

fight nier eve adam automata and

Games where all the girls are exposing hentai share tv of skin but the dudes are fully covered up drives me up the wall and makes me feel gross all over. And I was a bit unsure going in, esp after the whole 2B butt fiasco thing, but this nier automata adam and eve fight really is not zdam problem.

Yeah 2B p much wears a thong, but they literally have a naked guy with a butt shot at one point and dudes who don't like wearing clothing, and 9S p much wears shota shorts as another fibht put it. The sexualization goes both ways, and I have no problem with it so long as it does. Nier automata adam and eve fight besides, 2B is an awesome character, and unless you angle the camera or forcibly undress her, they never go out of their way to flaunt her like that.

Its handling and design has struck me as cartoon girl fuck tasteful and therefor beautiful, more than anything else. Right don't know how to describe it better, you just need to play it and automaya how they animate everything and build the world and figjt other characters up to understand. Drillary Clinton Banned Mar 13, Mar 3, 2, 0 0 Tuscaloosa, AL. Yeah at least this guy can admit it instead lesbian animal sex doing mental backflips to justify shit like this like Kojima.

PsihoPerihelion Member Mar 13, Mar 20, 5, 0 0 Sweden. He's my favorite dev now. Move the fuck out, Warren Spector.

Description:Sep 28, - YouTube™ Video: Nier:Automata All Memories Scenes of Adam and Eve . he was created in an attempt to save Adam (when you first fight him in the desert). Eve I already said that Japan mainstream japanese games just treats sex in more I don´t have to post videos of Dragon aAge or Witcher versus.

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