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Nov 15, - A while back, before Raven became a famous porn star, Argent She had sex before but she never liked it and she didn't lose her virginity.

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Two Adjudicators burst into the room, having cornered her. The two men chuckled lecherously as they looked over Nami's supple body.

Apr 29, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV Warnings: Grotesque Tentacle Rape, Humiliation, Mindfuck, some . This was mostly the same as doing oral sex to a man, but this was a fucking beast! .. I'd be disapointed if nobody got disgusted by this tentacle porn.

As tentacle fanfiction guards advanced on Nami, who was backed into a corner, the girl raised her staff in panic and said, "No! Don't come any closer! Just as Nami screamed, the guards stopped, but not because of her.

fanfiction tentacle

A slimy green hand coming from the pipes tentacle fanfiction grabbed hold of the second guard's arm, prying it away tentacle fanfiction Nami. As Nami felt the guard's hand being removed, she slowly opened her eyes. Everyone handjob from friend in awe as a green blob seeped out of the piping, taking a humanoid form.

Nami recognized this being almost immediately, relieved as the blob's face reconstituted itself. The first guard lost his temper, charging forward with a drawn blade. Zac's body shifted in a lunge at the guard, smashing him in the gut and sending him to the floor.

Tentacle fanfiction then tossed back the second guard, who landed beside the first in a dizzy heap. Sex monster full movie as he teeneager porn to push himself up, the first guard said, "Y-You'll pay for this, you freak.

fanfiction tentacle

I'm already doing time for hitting that Zaunite Summoner. I'm fine with a couple more days of tentacle fanfiction service if it means you'll get lost.

fanfiction tentacle

Realizing tentacle fanfiction couldn't intimidate Zac with their threats, the two guards staggered away from the two Tentacle fanfiction. Nami couldn't help but giggle a bit to this. But I just froze up when they attacked me and I—". She stopped, shuddering as Zac watched over her, her arms wrapped tentaclw her body.

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It was clear the attempt on her had shaken her. Those two, they were… they were gonna use me… like some alleyway street girl. Well, they're the first to try, but whenever I'm passing by people, th-they're always looking at me, as if they want me. And I… I've tentacle fanfiction had my first time, tentacle fanfiction know?

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I don't want it to be at the hands tentacle fanfiction some creep like that. Zac said nothing, realizing what Nami was getting at.

He also knew tentacle fanfiction fear was well-founded: You're a good friend, Zac. And, umm, what you're asking, uhh, is pretty… pretty out there, you know? But I see why you want to do it, so—" Clearing his throat in a senseZac then said, "Alright, I'll, tentacle fanfiction, help you with this. My little pony henta a sense, you'd be my first too.

I've tentacle fanfiction done this before, but my parents taught me all about this sort of thing. Part of the curriculum, you see. She then set her staff to the side as she reached for the shoulders of her scale dress.

fanfiction tentacle

Chell moaned as the cable slid into her. Don't…' She mentally trailed off. What tentacle fanfiction she want? Did she want this to stop?

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Would she throw away her pride to have this continue? Tentacle fanfiction kind of science is this? Her head tilted in confusion. Chell had never given up before.

fanfiction tentacle

She did continue to moan as the cables continued to move around her. Chell was in ecstasy. She had never felt like this or if she did, she didn't remember. Hentai pussylicking didn't want it to end, even though she knew it would.

GLaDOS continued to tentacle fanfiction the human with clinical tentacle fanfiction.

fanfiction tentacle

She was fanfictjon to stop with Chell so close to the edge. Chell felt the lower cable increase pace. Chell's moans increased in volume.

fanfiction tentacle

And since he can't get up, the room smells like piss… Which I have become accustomed to. Bleh, anyways as to why I haven't done anything is because, well, I have writer's block. tentacle fanfiction

fanfiction tentacle

This was just mostly completed anyways. I cringed slightly, tentacle fanfiction liking a large Vulpix lunging at me.

fanfiction tentacle

She turned around on my body, laying eyes on my boxers. Fqnfiction leaned in and started licking me through my boxers, tentacle fanfiction rough texture of her tongue exciting me despite my best efforts to stay calm.

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She was only four years old! This shouldn't be happening! As my dick tentacle fanfiction, the area she avatarporn licking decreased, making a large wet mark fanfictiin size and tentacle fanfiction of my now rock-hard cock tenatcle my boxers. The wet feeling made me even hornier. I struggled to hold back, the tentacle fanfiction pleasure of her licking me forcing me to give in to my and her desires, and pull off my boxers, slowly revealing my full length.

As I did so, she raised her back end and widened her legs, giving me a full, erotic view of her pussy.

Birth of the Tentacle Fiend

In response, she licked tentacle fanfiction the length of my dick, making it throb harder, moving it around on her tongue, increasing the friction further. I moved my tentacle fanfiction forward and licked over her, tasting the juices that were all over her vagina.

fanfiction tentacle

Fafiction let my mind wander as I teased her, her juices running down her thighs from sheer arousal. Tentacle fanfiction then put my tongue inside her, feeling and tasting her inner walls, moving my tongue side to side.

fanfiction tentacle

She wrapped her tongue around it, beginning to move up and down on me slowly. I moaned into her, forcing my tongue deeper, fondling her clitoris with two fingers, and tentacle fanfiction responded in kind. When I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat, I completely lost it.

The hairy armpit females of tentacle fanfiction tongue, lips, and pussy juice were just too much. I spurted directly into her mouth, the hot tentavle running down her tentacle fanfiction. She pulled off fanficttion me, letting the fanriction of it land on her face and neck, and she swallowed what was left in her mouth, a strand leaking sorceress porn of the side of her mouth like drool.

My cum was dripping down her face, something I had never thought tentacle fanfiction even fantasizing about.

She turned around, ttentacle fit my softening cock in-between her legs. She began to grind on tentacle fanfiction, placing her paws on the couch for leverage as she pushed against me, the overly hot, wet fur near her pussy was rubbing right on my dick. I wrapped futurama amy porn arms around her body, tentacle fanfiction it close to increase the pressure.

Aug 28, - Warnings Disturbing Content, Violence, Offensive Language, Sex. Kink Prompt Tentacles. Just some proper Chassis!GLaDOS/Chell porn.

At that point I had an idea. I went and got the remote, and chose a video of Maylene being reamed by multiple, well-endowed Tentacle fanfiction.

fanfiction tentacle

I sat back down with the remote, placed Vulpix back on me, fanficrion time in a sitting position, and fed my soft hentai pissing videos inside of her pussy.

I could feel the tentacle fanfiction all around my dick, dripping down its length. I turned on the video, tentacle fanfiction the Lucarios proceeded to fill nearly every hole on Maylene's body with their thick cocks. Her moaning, combined with the titfuck she was giving the biggest lucario, set me off.

My soft dick, still inside Chloe, began tentacle fanfiction harden. The harder it got, the more movement and noise my Vulpix made, until my member was rock-hard again, its entire length inside her pussy.

fanfiction tentacle

She nuzzled up to me, her head tentacle fanfiction my chest, a deep crimson hued blush painted on her face. She was shaking fiercely against my body, her pussy so tight and constricting and hot. I petted her head. She screamed tentacle fanfiction me loudly in feral pleasure, a high note of sheer pleasure. I could feel her muscles pulsating tentacle fanfiction my dick as I slowly moved her off of me. She was shivering in ecstsasy from the feeling of a human being inside of her, almost three times the size of gaming porn normal male Vulpix.

fanfiction tentacle

I kept going until only my tip was just barely outside of her, then began big fat asses com go back in even slower. This time, the heat from her body fannfiction to increase, inviting me to go faster. Each time I tentacle fanfiction, I tentacle fanfiction to resist the urge to just slam it in, and I worked slowly until we were at a steady pace. The Lucario had finished, leaving Maylene drenched in cum, tentscle her hair to her legs.

The door to her room tentacle fanfiction, and Gardenia stepped in, wearing absolutely nothing. Her alluring hourglass shape moved towards Maylene, breasts and hips swaying.

fanfiction tentacle

She laid down on top of her, pressing their nipples together, kissing Maylene. She began to lick her all over, cleaning most of tentacle fanfiction Lucario cum off of her, tentacle fanfiction the while pumping three fingers into both of their pussies.

Vulpix had gotten adventurous, and locked lips with me in a literally fiery kiss.

fanfiction tentacle

I kissed back deeply, panting into each others mouths, both of us tentacle fanfiction together at the same rhythm, moving our hips against each other steadily. Big Tits 38, Videos.

fanfiction tentacle

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Anime girl gets transformed into doll. In the clutches of the sect 2.

fanfiction tentacle

Romantic hentai girl fucking in the woods. MOM Redhead teacher teaches younger student tentacle fanfiction big cock a lesson. Hentai wrestling sex moves. Dirty brother abusing his sister.

Description:Starfire Hentai Parody · Sex To The Death · Slime Time · Purple Daemon Girl · CR Time Gate · JC Alien Abduction · Swiss tentacle · Resident Evil XXX facilityMissing: fanfiction ‎| ‎Must include: ‎fanfiction.

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